International opportunities for local high school students

By Jake Lee Green
Kern Valley Sun

High school students in the Kern River Valley will be offered a unique opportunity to study abroad for an academic year, a semester, or for the summer. This opportunity through the ASSE International Exchange Program will take students to locations in Asia, North and South America, Australia, Europe, and South Africa.

Students who are accepted will live with a host family who will care for them. While attending high school, the students will be given the chance to learn the language, the culture, and the customs of the people in their host country. Qualifications include being age 15 to 18 1/2, quality of academic performance, and references of character, as well as, a genuine desire to make the best of this experience with a foreign family. It is not required that students know the host country’s language or cultural customs. The program also makes available scholarships for students who excel in academic performance, leadership skills, and financial need.

Local families are also encouraged to participate in ASSE as a host family for an international student. Over 60 countries worldwide participate and it would be a great opportunity to allow students worldwide a chance to live here in the Kern River Valley.

For more information on students, the countries of origin, and host families please visit the hosting website at

Local high school students interested in becoming an exchange student can call 1-800-733-2773 or visit ASSE’s website at Submissions through e-mail are also encouraged at