Huge Sale to Benefit Kern Valley High School Scholarship Fund

By Elizabeth Mendia
Kern Valley Sun

Dick Blomgren, a longtime resident of Squirrel Valley is downsizing, and the Kern Valley High School’s Scholarship Fund is set to benefit from the enormous sale.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of Blomgren’s properties, furniture, tools, art, and many items will benefit the fund. Moreover, a portion of the value of the items purchased may count as a tax-deductible donation.

The mix of items up for sale are wide-ranging. An antique upright Kimble piano that Blomgren paid $7,000 dollars for, a 1972 Ford pickup truck used in his business, an art collection, including pieces by artist Carol Holmes, and, get this, nine solid brass porthole windows from the Queen Mary that Blomgren purchased when he used to frequent shipyard sales, are all up for grabs.

In fact, Blomgren is selling two cargo containers full of antiques – along with the containers themselves. You’ll have to contact Blomgren, however, to find out specifics.

Blomgren, whose generosity was lauded by Kern Valley High School Principal John Meyers, is making appointments for personal visits to look at the items. Principal Meyer’s said that the school would provide their Tax ID number and other documentation for tax purposes if needed.

To make an appointment with Dick Blomgren, interested parties may call him at (760) 417-0411.