Hot Shots pick off the Wild Bunch

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

The Kern Valley Adult Co-ed Softball league went into their second week of action.

Teams played six games over five days at Linda Kissack Ballfield.

To start the week it was the Hots Shots taking on the Wild Bunch. The teams were tied after six innings at 9-9 sending it to the seventh inning. The Hot Shots were able to push two runs across in their half of the seventh to take the 11-9 lead. They would shut down the Wild Bunch and collect the win.

Hot Shots hits: Mikel Jay 4 (2B), Brienna 2 (3B), Shane 2 (2B), James 2 (2B), Ronnie 2, Cheyenne 1, Brad 1, Tom 1. RBIs-Brienna 2, Shane 2, Mikel Jay 1, Chad 1, Cheyenne 1, Brad 1, Tom 1.

Wild Bunch hits: Ian 3, (HR), Charles 2 (HR), Kelsey Brewer 2, Jason 1 (HR), Kevin 1, Austin 1. RBIs-Jason 3, Ian 2, Kevin 2, Charles 1.

The Wild Bunch was back out on the field the next night as the squared off with the Sons of Pitches. The Wild Bunch crossed the plate 21 times to record the victory 21-11.

Wild Bunch hits: Charles 4 (HR, 2B), Steve 4 (2B), Ian 3 (2-HR, 2B), Matt 2 (HR), Annalinse 2 (2B), Shelly 2, Helen 1, Lori 1. RBIs-Charles 5, Ian 5, Latisha Quinn 1, Amanda 1, Annalinse 1, Kevin 1, Matt 1, Jason 1, Austin 1, Lori 1.

SOP hits: Alec 3 (2-HR), Corbin 3, Troy 3, Nikolaus 3, Niki 2, Shayana 2, Ryan 1 (2B), Corrin 1, Ray 1, Lindy 1, Stacy 1.

The Little Rusty team shook off its rustiness to come on top against the KVHD squad. They would earn the 9-5 win.

Little Rusty hits: Davin Lee 3, Brayden Larsen 2 (HR), Brandon Muncy 2 (2-2B), Alex Swiggin 2 (3B), George McGookin 2, Madison Mariano 1. RBIs-Lee 2, Larsen 2, Muncy 2, Swiggin 1.

KVHD hits: Brian Allen 3 (3-3B), Cheryl Williams 2, Adam Perfect 1 (2B), Tom Webb 1, Alan Ridgway 1, Savanna Bonham 1. RBIs-Bonham 2, Webb 1, Williams 1.

The Punishers did just that when they squared off with the Big Kahunas. They would punish their opponents by scoring 19 runs. The final score was 19-6.

Punishers hits: 3 (HR), Andy 3 (HR), James 3 (3B, 2-2B), Brett 3 (2B), Tamara 2, Alyson 2, Kathy 1, Brian 1, Garrett 1. RBIs-Dillion 3, James 3, Brett 3, Tamara 2, Andy 2, Brian 1, Alyson 1.
Big Kahunas hits: Justin 3, Rich 2, Pablo 2, Jacqueline 2, Evan 1 (2B), Chrysta 1, Kyle 1. RBIs-Justin 2, Evan 2, Chrysta 1, Pablo 1.
Getting back on the winning track was the Big Kahunas the following night.

They played against the KVHD team. In a close battle the Big Kahunas scraped out the 8-3 win.

Big Kahunas hits: Jordon Gould 2 (HR), Skyler Hug 2 (2B), Kyle Villa 2, Summer Kirby 1, Chadrick Kirby 1, Jennifer Wharton 1. RBIs-Gould 1, Hug 1.

KVHD hits: Adam Perfect 3 (2B), Bob Easterday 3, Alan Ridgway 2, Amy Smith 1, Savanna Bonham 1, Lisa Wyly 1, Lamont Mason 1. RBIs-Bonham 1, Perfect 1, Ridgway 1.

Wrapping up the week of co-ed softball was the Sons of Pitches taking on the Little Rusty squad. In a pitcher’s duel the Little Rusty team grabbed the win 7-5.

Little Rusty hits: Alex Swiggin 3 (2-2B), Davin Lee 2, Faith Oetting 1, Brayden Larsen 1, Jennifer Bangert 1, George McGookin 1. RBIs-Bangert 2, Sheridan Muth 1, Swiggin 1.

SOP hits: Ryan Webb 3, Michael Walker 2 (2-HR), Shayna Elliot 2 (2B), Bob Coogle 1. RBIs-Walker 4, Elliot 1.

Trivia: As the weather is heating up, the trivia is drying up.
There is only one question for this week from baseball. No other coaches submitted questions and trivia from the pages of the Kern Valley Sun has also dried up.

While this will be short and sweet, it still makes you think about the past.

Answers to last week’s questions:

Baseball-What was the last year of the Desert-Inyo League’s existence? And name the final four players on that final All-League team?
Answer-1992. Travis Boyd, Damian Compito, Ryan Crowe, and Tony Sievers.
The 50 year old question from the Kern Valley Sun. Who was the Broncs head coach for basketball in 1970? Answer Jack Atwood.

KVSun 2-Also from 1970, who sponsored the fishing contest and what were the categories of fish? Johnson’s Sporting Goods and Barnes Sporting Goods shared the fishing contest sponsorship. The categories of fish were: Trout Bass, and Bluegill.

The new baseball trivia question for this week: What Kern Valley player recorded the final hit of the 2020 season?

In a twist it was decided to go outside the box with this weeks’ installation of odd sports facts. Here are five of the weirdest sports that you are probably not familiar with:

Wife Carrying, Chess Boxing, Underwater Hockey, Shin Kicking, and Toe Wrestling. Yup they are all part of the sports world. A few of them actually have World Championships. You can look it up.