Holding On For Dear Life

During our Highway Patrol briefing, the sergeant advised everyone of an attempted murder that occurred earlier that morning and asked that we all keep an eye out for the suspect vehicle. My day went on just as any other day with crashes and citations as usual.

As the evening wound down and the end of shift approached, I was stopped on an on ramp completing my time sheet when I heard over the scanner that the sheriff’s helicopter was hovering high above a vehicle
in an orange orchard which matched the vehicle description of the attempted murder suspect.

The location was about five miles from my location so I headed in that direction. Since a bunch of deputies were responding as well, I decided to
cancel my response until the pilot advised the vehicle was headed towards my direction.

I observed the vehicle about a mile ahead of me at a high rate of speed so I accelerated to catch up to him. Two deputies and I initiated a traffic stop on him and he exited the freeway. As he came to a stop, I observed it was not the attempted murderer’s vehicle.

Since they already had two deputies and it was not the attempted murder suspect, I decided to clear the scene to get off duty. However, just as I passed by the rear patrol car, I observed an adult male exit the right front passenger seat of the vehicle and start running as the sheriff deputy approached the vehicle.

The deputy gave chase and I drove my patrol vehicle alongside the right side of the suspect as he crossed the roadway and into a local gas station parking lot. I had my window down as I drove next to him and he was looking over his left shoulder at the deputy in chase. I yelled at him, “I bet I’m faster than you”, as I continued to drive alongside of him. He looked to the right and saw me driving alongside him and his eyes doubled in size.

He then came to a stop, made a right turn and ran north behind my vehicle. I parked my car and took up a foot chase behind him. We chased him across
traffic lanes in the dark. Just as he realized I was going to catch him, he attempted to enter the passenger side of a small pickup that had come to a stop.

Luckily for the driver, he had locked the door. The suspect then attempted to jump into the bed of that truck. As he did, I was able to get my arms around his waist. We hit the side of the truck and the driver was startled.

The driver accelerated as the suspect was leaning over the bed rail and I had my arms around his waist. As the truck accelerated my arms went from around the suspect’s waist to the side of the bed rails.

At this point, my feet were dragging down the road, my knees were bouncing off the right rear tire and the suspect was pinned between me
and the right side of the truck. The driver continued driving at what felt like 40 mph, but I’m sure it was about 25mph or less. I then felt a sharp pain to my right arm.

I swung my head from the left side of the suspect’s body to the right side and saw he was biting my right wrist area and pulling it towards him in attempt to get me to release him. Just then, the light turned red and the driver stopped.

I was finally able to stand on my feet. I ripped the suspect from the truck and took him to the ground. As we hit the roadway surface, I saw headlights coming towards us and thought we were going to get run over until I saw the overhead lights on the patrol car.

The deputies then assisted with the handcuffing. The driver of the truck never knew he was dragging us along. He just wanted to get away from all the commotion. The suspect was not the attempted murder suspect, but he was running because he was out in the orchard having sex with a minor and there were methamphetamine’s in the vehicle.

The suspect ended with a six-year sentence for statutory rape, possession of a controlled substance and assault on a peace officer. I ended up with a bite scar for a few years, torn pants, worn boots, a great story to tell and a feeling of pride knowing I helped take someone like that off our streets. -MK

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