Hikers rescued near Piute Mountain

Press Release

On January 3, a 42-year-old man and his 9-year-old son became stuck near Piute Mountain.

The father walked until he regained cell access, and called the Kern County Communications Center around 5 p.m. hours.

The hikers were able to get free from the snow but then got lost and stuck in snow again.

The Search and Rescue team was able to pinpoint their location, and reached them about 6 hours later.

The father and son were reunited with family and did not require medical attention.

Temperatures were in the teens overnight. Hikers are advised to use caution, especially in winter conditions. Safety personnel suggest you always let people know where you are hiking, and hike with someone else. You are advised to bring sufficient water, as well as a cell phone. If there are winter conditions, ensure that your vehicle is equipped for the weather.