Healthy Living: Those Bad Drivers

Those Bad Drivers

Have any of you out there noticed the threatening latest trend I see in so many defective automobiles on the road? Yes, I am beginning to believe those new car manufacturers are failing us, and I will provide you with some overwhelming evidence to support my observation.

My first example is that of so many cars with brake failures. Now, most of us would conclude that driver behind you who repeatedly seems like he is tailgating you – yes, that guy we think simply wants you to drive faster, or pull off the road so he can speed by – he may be experiencing a mechanical brake failure! And there is even more of such evidence with that car that can’t possibly stop behind me as I wait briefly for the person who has stopped in front of me as this driver waits for the oncoming traffic to clear so he can safely make his left turn. It becomes more complicated and scary as that “brake failing” car, as I see it rushing past me on my right side, kicking up pebbles and dust, yet avoiding a possible wreck. Again and again my trips in and out of Bakersfield bring repeated evidence of stopping for that red light (yes, red and not amber) with one or two cars speeding past me through that red light. All of those drivers couldn’t possibly simplbe in an emergency hurry, ignoring that driving rule they had recently reviewed with their latest driving test they took and passed. It must be those faulty brakes, of course!

Turn signals on automobiles are the next item on my list in need of further quality control improvement. There’s not a day that I’m out on our local roads, going no further than from home to Mt. Mesa and back that I don’t witness car after car making a turn off the road without using turn signals to notify their intentions. And there are times when the car signals left turn yet makes a right turn. I find myself in a state of total mistrust! This car must be in need of serious repairs, and turn signals will require much more advanced testing to regain our trust.

We’ve all seen those cars that pull in and park in those handicapped parking spots, jump out, no placard placed to signify they qualify to park there, and off they go into the store. Well, shame on us for our doubting their integrity! We need to work harder to reduce our negative thinking!

And then there are the drivers at night who fail to dim their bright lights as I round another corner. Once more, I will try to adjust my thinking. Those drivers must be experiencing connection problems with that low beam/high beam mechanism. And once more, I shouldn’t be so sensitive to an occasional few seconds of their high beam glare. Yes, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I’ll add this to my new year’s resolution list. And then again, maybe I won’t!

Christine Harness has worked in the field of Occupational Therapy throughout her adult life, both in and outside of the Kern River Valley. She has helped countless individuals to maintain or regain their independence. Christine believes that enjoying and taking satisfaction in one’s day-to-day activities is the key to a meaningful life.