Hard work and dedication pays off

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Years ago, as a young willing student, I would have told you that a great teacher was someone who was entertaining and fun. Being a teacher is not an easy job. To maintain a classroom of 20 plus students every day can be challenging. Yet, a great teacher shows up, loves these children like their own, and prepares them for their future. A great teacher respects their students, creates a sense of belonging in their classroom and sets high expectations. They are also a great leader, showing their students how to be future leaders themselves. They have to have their own love of learning because they will have to continue to find new strategies and keep up with the curriculum. There are many things that make a great teacher yet, in my opinion, the greatest quality is love.

One of our biggest hopes as parents is that our children will receive their education from such a teacher. I have had the pleasure of working alongside many great teachers over the years. Since I have come to the KRV I have met in my definition, outstanding teachers. I have not had a chance yet to get to know the teachers at every school in the KRV but I am sure they are all just as outstanding. I have however, had the privilege of observing Mrs.Thomey’s eight grade classroom at South Fork Kelso Campus as well as several classrooms at the Fay Ranch Campus. The passion and devotion these teachers have in helping their students is beyond commemerable.

They work long nights, tutor on their lunch and prep periods, taking away their free time to make sure they are exploring every avenue possible to help their struggling students. Attending a board meeting at South Fork recently and hearing the entire basketball team introduce themselves and tell the board they have straight A’s or almost straight A’s was impressive. That shows me that this school has the dedication one needs for success. I remember Mrs. Thomey telling her students that failure is a part of life, you have to be ready to fail. When you fail you pick yourself back up and do it again. It is one great lesson that helps you learn. One quote she lives by is one by Colin Powell “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

It is important that teachers know they are appreciated for the hard work they continue to do every day for our children. Without them we would not have many of the jobs provided to us today. Without teachers, professions would not exist. Whether you are a police officer or a mechanic, you owe what you do to someone who taught you how to be what you are today. Teachers are a rare breed. They are not pursuing a career that will make them millionaires or allow them to live lavish lifestyles, they do it because they love it. The results of their work, seeing a student learn and progress, that’s the best reward. To all of the teachers out there, you are doing an amazing job. Keep up the great work!