Goffinet takes back the reigns at KVHS

By Shannon Rapose
Kern Valley Sun

It has been three years since Ben Goffinet stepped down as Kern Valley High School Varsity Football’s head coach, and he is excited to be back in the game.

Goffinet lead the Varsity Broncs for 10 seasons, accumulating an 83-46 record and four High Desert League titles, three of which were from 2012-2014. In his last year as head coach, Kern Valley was 10-0 in their regular season.

In 2014, Goffinet stepped down as Varsity head coach because he wanted to spend more time with his family but continued to coach softball at the high school and even returned to football as a position coach on the Junior Varsity squad.

Goffinet told the Californian that he intended to keep coaching but didn’t want to be in charge. His son was barely a year old at the time, so Goffinet wanted to take a step back and not do much coaching at all. He soon realized that football was in his blood and longed for the thrill he once had under the Friday night lights.

“I am so excited. For me, it’s just such a rewarding job,” Goffinet said to the Bakersfield Californian. “To be back coaching on Friday nights is such a thrill. A lot of it is the aspect of teamwork and watching the guys grow and have that camaraderie. There is nothing in the world that I have been a part of than being part of a football team. It’s a dream for me.”

Goffinet replaces Brandon Deckard as head coach. Deckard, who was co-head coach in 2013-14 with Goffinet, led Kern Valley for three years, accumulating 8-3 record in the 2015 season and combined record of 7-13 the last two years.

Goffinet told the Californian that he is unaware as to why Deckard is no longer head coach because they haven’t talked about it, and it all happened right at the end of the season.

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