Girl’s soccer team loses to Rosamond

Photo by Donna Harris / Freelance Photographer; Tayah Bushling of the lady Broncs soccer squad delivers a pass to her teammate in a recent home match.

By Tom Cormack
Coach’s Submission

As the week closed the Lady Broncs stood in third place and Rosamond and Bishop on top.
Though a long shot, Kern Valley is still contending for league if both Bishop and Rosmond lose two of their remaining three games and Kern Valley wins all of their remaining matches. Kern Valley would be on top due to fewer losses.
Even with the tie Kern Valley had a glimmer of hope needing to beat Rosamond, Desert, and Cal City to stay in the hunt.
Alas, it wasn’t to be. The Rosamond Lady Roadrunners came to visit on Thursday and walked away with a victory.
The Lady Roadrunners first goal was delivered in the 12th minute of action.
The Lady Broncs battled valiantly through the remainder of the first half to score. But, the good Rosamond keeper kept the score at 0-1 as the half ended.
The second half saw the Lady Broncs come out with renewed vigor and willingness to push up on a full press to score. Despite a number of good attacks, the Lady Roadrunners keeper was able to save them all.
With 20 minutes to go Rosamond scored the clincher leaving the final score 2-0 bringing them one step closer to a league championship.
The Lady Broncs faced Desert the following day. The Lady Scorpions scored the first goal of the match 16 minutes in. The Lady Broncs answered 20 minutes later as Haily Martinez put Kern Valley on the board for a 1-1 tie.
The Lady Scorpions took advantage of the stoppage time scoring the final goal of the half five minutes after the official 40 minute time had expired leaving Desert up 2-1 at the half.
In the second half, Desert scored in the first two minutes of play. At 3-1 the Lady Broncs need to score three to win and responded with a full attack formation expecting to sacrifice some defensive strength for more pressure in the attacking half of the field. Kern Valley could not break through the Desert line.
With the Lady Scorpion goal keeper playing high in the penalty box smothering Kern Valley through passes into the area. The Lady Broncs could not get a good look at the goal, and Desert counter finally paid off as they scored two more to put the score at 1-5.
Discouraging as that may be the Lady Broncs battled on. With seven minutes left, Danielle Debski was able to break through the Desert back line to drive on goal and put away the final shot of the game. That left the final score at 2-5 in the Lady Scorpions’ favor.
The Lady Broncs now stand at 3-3-3 in league play and took on the Cal City Lady Ravens at home for senior night on Tuesday.
Head coach Tom Cormack said, “We have faced hurdle after hurdle this year as we have lost four key starting players to injury and moving. I am proud of our current team as many players have had to step up for us to remain competitive. Rookies have stepped in to fill big vacant shoes, veterans have readjusted to play positions that they haven’t played before. But, these girls press hard to finish strong each time. The willingness to battle on in spite of the odds is a life skill that extends beyond soccer.”
At one point for a win and half a point for a tie Kern Valley has 4.5 points and Desert has 3.5 points. If Desert beats Rosamond and Kern Valley loses to Cal City then the Lady Scorpions would tie Kern Valley for third place. Both would go to the CIF playoffs. If the Lady Broncs beat Cal City they earn a clear third place in league.
Currently, Kern Valley is in Central Section of CIF Division 5 and ranked sixth overall.