Get anything from fish bait to groceries, beer

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Fishing gear and bait sales are strong at Mountain Vista
Market & Gas Station in Lake Isabella.

BY D. Beasley

Mountain Vista Market & Gas Station in Lake Isabella sells everything from groceries to beer to fish bait. The Kern Valley Sun spoke with owner Waael Rafoul in a recent interview.

Q: What are the most popular items with your customers?
A: Since we are at the lake, I would say all the fishing stuff. Also, our bacon is really popular. It has better flavor than the bacon you get from other vendors. That’s a big seller.

Q: What makes your store different from the big-box stores?
A: We are a really nice team. The store has been here for a long time. We are a little bit more familiar to our customers than employees at a big-box store. We know our regular customers by name and they know us by name. It’s more like a family.

Q: Does it help the community to have a grocery store nearby?
A: Yes. And we really are still a big store. We’re not a convenience store. We’re a grocery store. We have a big parking lot and we have lots of inventory.

Q: Do you sell beer and wine?
A: Yes, we have a big selection. We also have a hot deli.

Q: Are a lot of your customers headed out for a nice trip to the lake?
A: Yes. Bait sales are really strong, particularly early in the morning. Customers also load up on beer and chips.