George Stahl: Hey, there should be a seminar on that!

George Stahl
Special to the Sun

There is an expression that we have all heard, and have probably even used. It’s been around for a very long time. It goes, ‘You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. For one thing, that’s a pretty messed up saying, Look at it. If you just made your bed, why would you lay on it? I know it’s supposed to mean that look, you made this situation, now you deal with it. So why not just say that?

Today, for those of us who do not lay on our beds after making them, is ‘Make Your Bed Day’. Although not an official National holiday, it is not really meant for adults, but for teenagers. You know those people who could care less if their bed is made or not, they’ll still lay on it. So that expression about dealing with things, most likely doesn’t apply to them either. There are far reaching meanings to all of this than we can see on the surface. Making or not making a bed is way more involved than simply throwing around the sheets.

You have to admit, there is a certain sense of freedom in not making your bed when you get up in the morning. A feeling of abandonment that takes us back to our childhood, and to those days when we didn’t need to care so much if the bed was made or not. Maybe we haven’t felt like that in a very long time. The pressures of the world have forced us into becoming daily bed makers.

Sheet changers and pillow case stuffers. Ask yourself, how do you feel if you leave the house for work and the bed is a mess? Not the whole room, that would be a case study far apart from the bed, but just that area you slept in. It’s a shamble. Sheets untucked, pillows on the floor, and the blankets kicked to the foot of the bed. It’s an unmade bed. Are you panicking? You may be reading this and know for sure you made the bed before leaving the house, but just the thought of having an unmade bed is making you cringe. Sort of like the feeling you get if you leave your house and realize after diving away, you forgot your cell phone. You turn around to get it.

You are now second guessing yourself. You were in a hurry this morning, maybe, just maybe you didn’t make the bed. Or worse, you did make it, but it’s not quite right. The sheets weren’t pulled all the way up or the pillows were wrong, and the blanket isn’t straight. Too late. You’re already at work. It will have to wait. Nevermind, your day is shot.

Then, you start to think. I didn’t know that about my bed before I read this, and the day is more than half over. I made no mistakes at work, in fact I may have even had a decent day, a productive day. I didn’t know about my bed all of that time, so why am I panicking and breathing heavily now. Maybe making my bed doesn’t have all that power over me. No, it does. This is not some psychological readjusting column. It has no help you help yourself value. If it did, there’d be seminars. There aren’t. You didn’t make your bed, now you have to deal with it.

Or, you can turn the day around. It’s called ‘Make Your Bed Day’ right? Mainly for those who don’t to do it but, one day a year. So, what if, you as a make your bed regularly person, turn it around. For you people, and it’s okay to skip the task one day a year. Today is ‘Don’t Make Your Bed Day.’ If it’s your own private National Holiday, maybe that will make a difference on how you see it, even if it is an ‘unofficial’ National Holiday.

If this reasoning works, look for there definitely to be a seminar or two coming soon, and ask for your readers discount. Today, unmade beds, tomorrow, replacing toothpaste tube caps!