Fur, Feathers and Fashion

Clayton Huckaby / Kern Valley Sun:
Lydon Olivares struts on the runway in the Fur, Feathers and Fashion fundraiser for the Kern Valley FFA and 4-H groups on Sunday, May 7. The show was sponsored by Dress Your Soul in Kernville, and 25 percent of proceeds generated will be given to the groups.


By Clayton Huckaby
Kern Valley Sun

On Sunday, May 7, the Kern Valley FFA and 4-H groups cohosted their first ever Fur, Feathers and Fashion show.

The show was sponsored by Katie Olivares and her store, Dress Your Soul, which is located in Kernville. Olivares supplied all of the clothes that the models wore, and she donated 25 percent of the proceeds from the sales at the show. Olivares explained that there was not much sold at the show so to increase the amount of money raised, 25 percent of the proceeds generated from the show, until May 14, will be donated to both the FFA and 4-H.

The fashion show was not the only thing going on at the venue. Both the FFA and the 4-H had a multitude of other fundraisers going simultaneously. The 4-H were selling popcorn, cupcakes and hosted a raffle where they gave away a number of prizes. Likewise, the FFA set up a miniature farmers market at the show. There was also a 50-50 raffle where the money raised was split evenly between both FFA and 4-H.

The raffle had a number of prizes that were all donated by 4-H members and businesses from around the valley. One of the most impressive donations, however, was a small piglet donated by local breeders Roy and Crystal Enstad. It was decided, however, that a raffle was not the appropriate venue to get rid of a pig. Instead, it was decided that the pig should be earned through an essay contest.

The Enstads agreed, but they decided that it was unfair for the 4-H students, many of whom are very young, to go against the FFA students in an essay contest. As a result, the Enstad’s donated a second piglet. According to Emily Keverline, the leader of Kern Valley High School’s FFA chapter, the FFA will be holding a similar competition for the pig, but they haven’t decided exactly what it would require.

At about 6 p.m., the models from the FFA and 4-H took the stage to show off the fashion available at Dress Your Soul. There were girls from the elementary school level all the way up to high school. There was also one high school boy that came out and showed off the men’s fashion available at Dress Your Soul. According to Olivares, all of the models worked hard to make the show a success.

“I was really impressed with those kids. They had never walked a run way before, and they were working it. I am proud of them,” said Olivares.

Not only did the children work hard to make the show a success, but they were having fun too. “Seeing those kids get excited about the clothes that they chose and get to walk the run way was very rewarding to me,” said Olivares.

Olivares was not the only one impressed by the children’s work, “[The Fur, Feather and Fashion Show] was a lot of fun, and it was great to see both FFA and 4-H working together,” she continued. “I want to say thank you to Dress Your Soul for sponsoring the event,” said Keverline.

Although this was the first Fur, Feather and Fashion show, Olivares said that it will not be the last. She explained that the group definitely plans to host another next year, but there is talk that there may be another as soon as this summer. Whenever the next show comes, make sure to make your way out and have a good time with the FFA and 4-H students, parents and leaders. It will definitely be a night to remember.