Fishing with Noble: Summertime

Now that the kids have a little more time on their hands, how about a family fishing day? I know there is summer school, sports, cell phones, iPods and cable TV. It’s not all bad, I know. Someday my grandkids are going to rely on these medial skills in their careers. Technology is the future, even in fishing. If I had some of the new electronics on my boat, I would need my grandkids aboard to explain their operation.

In this fast paced technical world, a good old fashioned day of fishing is a great form of relaxation. Kids today need healthy ways to relax and get away from the computer games. Pick early morning or evening; middle of the day fishing will encourage swimming over fishing. Of course, swimming and water sports are also great outdoor activities for the kids. The goal is to keep the kids interested. It’s usually 15 minutes to a half an hour, and kids are looking for other activities on shore. If the fish are not biting, rock throwing is probably the most common secondary activity. It’s hard to teach patience.

One good method to keep kids interested is bobber fishing. It’s also a great way to catch fish, especially when there are active fish near the surface. Simply attach a good old fashioned round bobber about 24 inches above a size 6 or 8 hook. Put a BB split shot about 12 inches above the hook. Hook up a medium night crawler, red worm, or meal worm. Any fish in our lake may hit this little setup.

The bright colored bobber also seems to keep the kids’ attention longer than line disappearing underwater. When the bobber bounces a little from a nibble or a little ripple on the water, the kids get really excited. When the bobber goes underwater and the rod tip is bent, it is great fun to watch the kids’ reaction.

Since the crappie bite is still on, a crappie jig dangled below a bobber is a great way to catch fish. Probably the all-time best setup to catch crappie is the cigar shaped bobber and leader with a live minnow. If there are crappie in the area, this rig is pretty much a sure thing.

Bass fishing has been pretty solid. I have heard several stories of fishermen fishing for crappie with jigs and catching bass instead. Wacky rigged Senkos have been a successful tactic. Very simple to rig and fish. The exposed hook makes for a high percentage of hookups. A good choice of colors would be natural shad or green pumpkin black flake.

Simply use a 2/0 or 3/0 worm hook and put it through the middle of the 5 inch Senko. A weight is not needed; the Senko will sink and flutter on its own. The fish usually hit it on the sink. It’s normally a pretty good hit. Lite spinning tackle is probably best to use. Although any tackle can be used, it’s a versatile technique. As soon as the kids master bobber fishing, they can move on to Senko fishing and a chance to catch a really nice fish. Anybody can fish this method.

Even though the upper Kern has peaked, it is still very rough. I would hold off taking the kids fishing the Kern for now. Experienced fishermen are doing well on the stocked trout. It’s all about location. Obviously the fish will be stocked in areas of slower water.

Have to get to the sporting goods store and stock up on bobbers. Kids under 16 fish for free, and bobbers are still around 50 cents. Can’t beat it.

See you on the water.