Fishing with Noble Smith: Back in Action

Back in Action

After a 3-month vacation from fishing, I am ready to hit the water. This is absolutely the longest period of time I have spent away from fishing. Fishing shows are great to watch, it’s just not the same as being on the water. I have my fishing license, wiped the dust off the boat. Have a boat permit, new batteries, geared up and ready to go.

These storms we have been experiencing are very encouraging. From what I have heard, the dam project will not require a low water pool this season. Of course, time frames on this project are not a sure thing. We can just hope they have completed the Auxiliary Dam project before the lake starts to come up this spring.

There are a lot of great things coming up for the fishermen in the Kern River Valley. The American Bass Association has picked its dates for the upcoming tournament season. They are March 30, April 27, May 18, June 1, July 20 and September 14.

Unfortunately, at this point, I believe the Lake Isabella Bass Club is going to disband. Matt and Judy Smith did a great job running the club and tournaments. I will definitely miss fishing the club events. I am sure I will still see my friends out fishing. There is still a chance someone will take over and run the club. No word yet.

Of course, the main event is coming in April: The Isabella Lake Fishing Derby. All the fishermen in my family have already made their plans to be here again. It’s always one of my family’s favorite events. I will definitely be on Isabella Lake April 14, 15 and 16.

Another great event coming up this season is Angler’s Anonymous Fishing Social. This is an event that treats veterans to a day of fishing for fun. The event will take place on May 11 at Red’s Marina. Angler’s Anonymous is still in the planning stages for this event. I will have more information in the near future.

As for fishing now, Isabella Lake is on the slow ride. I think it’s from lack of fishing pressure due to shore and launch ramp access. Due to mild temps, there should be active fish. I see a lot of green throughout the valley. It’s almost as if it is spring-like conditions. My wife received a picture of a nice catch of crappie from one of her friends last week. Time to get out there.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has been stocking the river regularly this winter. I have talked to a lot of my fellow fishermen doing well on the upper Kern, especially Section Four from the rodeo grounds to Riverside Park.

I was walking Riverside Park a few weeks back and witnessed the DFW truck stocking the river. I talked to the guys as they tossed several buckets of trout into the river. I asked them about the stocking of the native Kern River trout that was supposed to happen last year. I was told it is possible it will be done this year.

The DFW is going to pack in and capture native Kern River Rainbow trout. They will be flown out by helicopter. They will then be stocked into the main Kern. These fish will reproduce, unlike the current fish, which are sterile. It’s a great program, and I sure hope it happens this year.

Been through a lot over the last year. I look forward to a great year of fishing for the sport and the fun. Don’t know what the future holds, but I know one thing: I am going down casting. See you on the water.