Fishing with Noble: Beat the Heat – Try a Little Night Fishing

By Noble Smith

It’s tough to enjoy a day on the water when temps hit triple digits. Even diehard anglers have to get off the water by mid day, unless you have a fish and ski boat. You then put up the Bimini top, jump in the water, ski and just cool down. Fishing in the direct sunlight is a different story.

This is a great time of year to fish the low light time of day. When surface temps cool, fish become more active. I personally love to fish just as the sun sets behind the mountains. Normal afternoon winds will keep temps comfortable and also keep the insects at bay.

I have caught all species of fish at night. The best bite is definitely catfish. It is very relaxing to sit back in a beach chair with a fishing rod in a sand stake in front of you and a campfire or lantern to keep light on the subject. The conversation seems to be very relaxed during a night fishing trip.

Many fish stories will be told along with many lies. I tend to stretch the truth a bit myself. The fish tend to get bigger over the years. The wind speeds become stronger, the air temps a lot hotter or colder. It’s all about the story.

Fishing on Isabella Lake has been tough lately. The algae bloom seems to have really affected fishing. Somebody once told me, “If you want to be a good angler you need to think like a fish.” If I were a fish, I think I would avoid the low oxygen green water.I would seek cleaner oxygenated water. The cleaner water could be at any depth. I am thinking ten to twenty feet of water. Gravel or rocky bottom may be a bit cleaner.

I have heard a few reports of trout being caught around French Gulch and Auxiliary Dam at Engineer’s Point. One fisherman caught three nice trout on rainbow garlic Powerbait. Camp Nine is also starting to turn on with a few reports of fish. There should still be a lot of those Tail-Walkers stocked for our Derby out there.

Crappie and Bass have been very stubborn this season. I have had reports of fish being caught this season. I know they are out there, it’s just been hard to develop a pattern. The anglers that pursue these fish are very serious and work hard at finding fish. If professional bass fisherman and crappie fisherman that love to catch good numbers of fish are not catching many fish, that is a tough bite.

Good news for trout fishermen fishing the river. The Kern was stocked a few times this last week. Thousands of pounds of catchable trout were stocked. The average was about two fish per pound. That’s a lot of fish.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) promotes fishing in California by offering two free fishing days for everyone each year. July 1st. and Sept. 2nd. are the dates this year. That probably explains the heavy stocking this last week.

The goal for the CDFW is to get more people involved in fishing. This means increased revenue from fishing license sales. Hopefully all the revenue goes into improving our fisheries. See you on the water.