Fishing with Noble: A Day on the Water with Mrs. Smith

Fishing with Noble / Noble Smith

It’s always a different ballgame when I go out fishing with my wife. Fishing tournaments or just fishing with a buddy is more competitive, and I feel that my line must be in the water at all times. Taking a break could mean a missed opportunity of catching fish since fishing a tournament you are fishing for money and prizes, and with a buddy it’s bragging rights. With the wife, no competition. She wins all the time.

The fishing hours are a little different, also. We launched on a calm Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. The lake is dropping so fast, it’s amazing the different look I get each time I get out. We fished the North side of Rocky Point first, as there is still a lot of shade in this area, so we figured the fishing would be good.

We managed some small bass, not a single keeper. We moved over to the South side of Rocky Point. Stuck a nice fish on a plastic worm, and it turned out to be a 4 pound channel cat. Normally, if I was fishing for bass, I would have been disappointed. Pam commented, “Nice fish.” I thought to myself, it is a nice fish, and it was also fun catching it.

About 1 p.m., the wind came up, so we had to pull off the lake. I am sure glad Pam was with me to help trailer our boat. Seems after 40 years of trailering boats, there were a few things needed to work on. It’s all good; I earned a “C” on trailering that day.

Talked to a few crappie fisherman that were fishing the shore near the South Fork launch ramp, and they told me the bite has slowed down. They all had buckets of fish, just not the numbers they have caught in previous weeks. I noticed they were using a cigar bobber with a feather jig at the end of an 18” leader. I saw them land a couple of nice fish while I was there. I also saw a couple of boats bring in crappie tied up to the trees on the North side of Rocky Point.

I noticed the lake water was very dirty, almost as if it had rained and brought mud into the water. I had a brown dirt ring around the boat when I pulled it out of the water, and the thing I think could cause this is the dam project moving fresh dirt into the lake. Not sure. It changes things up since usually at this time of year the lake should be cleaner.

I believe the lake levels will continue to drop until October 1. The Army Corps of Engineers need to drop the lake to around 70,000 acre feet to work on the Auxiliary Dam.
I could concentrate on off shore structure a little more. During our last tournament, we caught some nice fish off the bank at Rocky Point. The catfish I caught the other day was in 15 feet of water, and it hit the worm in between the bottom and the boat. The worm was coming straight up.

Trout fishing on the upper Kern should be really good right now. The Department of Fish and Wildlife should stock sections 4, 5 and 6 for the holiday weekend. Since river flows are slow, fish should be concentrated more in the deeper pools. Same with the creek. Water flows are very slow in the tributary creeks. Fish will be held up in the deeper pools, but be careful because once they know you are there, they will be tough to catch.

Couple of bass tournaments coming up. Lake Isabella Bass Club fishes September 8. Sign up is at the South Fork launch ramp Saturday morning before the tournament. Launch will be around 6 a.m. and weigh in will be around noon at Red’s Marina. The ABA fishes on September 15. Same time and place for sign up and launch. Weigh in will be at the launch ramp. You can join each organization the morning of the tournament. All you need is a partner and a boat with a live well.

Don’t forget about the Lake Isabella Bass Club’s First Annual Open Crappie Tournament will be held on September 22. Sign up will be at the South Fork Recreation area launch ramp early in the morning before the tournament, and it’s a two person per boat team tournament. You can find out about rules and fees at sign up or call the tournament director, Matt Smith, at 760-229-3898.

See you on the water.

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