Fire ignites hay bales at feed store

Photos By Jake Lee Green

By Jake Lee Green
Kern Valley Sun

A fire that broke out on September 14 behind the Kern River Feed and Hay destroyed close to 700 bales of hay over the weekend. At approximately 2:15 p.m. multiple Kern County Fire Crews and first responders from various agencies responded to the fire at the feed store which is located at 6400 Lake Isabella Blvd. The fire damaged nearby structures and residents living in the apartments behind the hay pile against the fence line were evacuated. The apartment complexes were reported as having been damaged from heat and smoke. The Kern County Fire Department was told by the owners of the feed store that as they were moving their delivery the fire erupted from the hay bales. Attempts by employees of the feed store to subdue the fire with fire extinguishers were unsuccessful. Fire crews spent much of the evening breaking apart the hay to prevent any further incident.