FAFSA Night at Kern Valley High School

By: Alexis Morales

A workshop to help students work on their FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, was held on October 2 in the Library at Kern Valley High School. The event emphasized the importance of completing the FAFSA. Students came with their parents as they tackled the tough application that is the FAFSA. Fortunately, Kern Valley counselors and Youth 2 Leaders staff members were on location to help them out.

“We are trying to increase the numbers of students that actually go onto college” says Youth 2 Leaders staff member Jessica Trejo. Youth 2 Leaders is a non-profit that is dedicated to ensuring that students are able to have the opportunity to attend college. They have been the forefront of helping students all over Kern County be ready for college. Youth 2 Leaders held this workshop in order to help students and parents with the application. They wanted to show that college is not some big luxury dream, but actually can be affordable. Youth 2 Leaders also does scholarships, citizenship workshops, pre-college camps, and much more in order to further help the students succeed in life after high school.

The workshop was beneficial to all that attended. Emily Cudahy, a senior at Kern Valley High School, said that she “gained more knowledge on how to pay for college,” which is a dilemma every student faces before graduation. Parents also found this particular workshop helpful as it broke down the application and help answer difficult questions about the FAFSA. Emily Keverline, a parent and faculty member at Kern Valley High School, stresses the importance of getting the application done saying “despite not qualifying their freshman year of college, it’s good to keep renewing it because maybe by their senior year they will need it, and they would already have it established.”

Kern Valley encourages all to fill out the FAFSA and be able to attend the college of their choice. “We hope with this workshop students are able to get this step to college done because when they go to school in the fall, all this will be taken care of” said Pam Stieler, a counselor at Kern Valley High School. With the help of various organizations such as Youth 2 Leaders the next generation of high schoolers will be better off with funding their education. Ultimately the doors of opportunity seem to be opening up for many for the future.