Exchange Club awards scholarships to students

Patricia Clark
KV Exchange Club

Exchange Club Awards $15,000 in Scholarships The Kern Valley Exchange Club has awarded $15,000 in scholarships to 15 local students to help in attaining their educational goals. Every year, typically in May, scholarships are given out by the Kern Valley Exchange Club to students pursuing education beyond the high school level: college, university, or a vocational program.

Chairperson of the Exchange Club’s Scholarship Committee Patricia Clark says, “This year, we are thrilled to award 15 scholarships valued at $1,000 per student. Twelve students are seniors graduating from Kern Valley High School this month, and three are returning college students”.

Applications for this scholarship program are accepted in the Spring of each year. High school seniors and existing college students are eligible to apply.

Scholarships are awarded to those students who have excelled academically, or who have otherwise significantly contributed to society in other meaningful ways, and have articulated clear goals for the future. 2020 recipients are: Davin Lee, Jamie Sundberg, Jeffrey Cawein, Emily Cudahy, Arian Hess, Bailey Hurst, Juan Carlos Lopez, Mariah Maxwell, Hannah Ocampo, Caitlyn Siratt, Hayley Weeden, Isabella Williams, Arika D’Amico, Helen Hayes, and Jackylyn Wallace.

Clark states, “It is our fondest hope that each of these young adults will achieve their goals and have a successful future.” Funds for the Exchange Club’s scholarship program are developed through fund raising efforts.

The annual Rubber Ducky Races event is the primary source of funds for these scholarships. This year’s Rubber Ducky Races tentatively scheduled for August are in jeopardy due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The Kern Valley Exchange Club was formed in 1973 and is part of 1,000+ other clubs nationally that comprise the National Exchange Club. Its primary mission is the prevention of child abuse, and it is one of America’s oldest service organizations.