Enrollment period preview opens

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins in another week.
Medicare Open Enrollment starts Oct. 15, but you can get a head start by looking over 2021 plans today! Previews are now available on Medicare.gov.

Now’s a great time to review your coverage and see if there is a better fit for you.

Plans have historically low premiums — dropping an average of 34% over the last three years and in some states up to 60%!

Here’s something new for Open Enrollment: Many participating drug plans will offer a 30-day supply of insulin for $35 or less in 2021. Again, visit Medicare.gov now to preview participating plans ahead of Open Enrollment.

Remember, when comparing plans, look at the estimated “Yearly Drug & Premium Cost.” A plan with the lowest premium may not always provide the lowest total cost for you.

If you are happy and satisfied with your present Medicare Advantage (HMO) or Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), think again! Your plan will not be the same as it was in 2020. For 2021, the cost of your medications may have changed. Some are going down — like many of the insulin injectables — while others may be going up.

This past week, our researchers saved one client over $112,000 on her one drug.

Her current plan is charging her a fortune. We found another plan that is covering her medication at a very reasonable co-pay. She liked her current plan and had told us not to bother doing the research. She is now singing a different tune.

While we are now allowed to talk about the plans for 2021, we are not allowed to take applications until Oct. 15, the official opening of the AEP.

While the AEP runs through Dec. 7, if recent years are any example, last-minute people will be left out in the cold because we cannot accommodate all requests if they aren’t received early on.

For my non-client readers, I recommend calling the office and requesting a “White Research Card.“ This is the form where you will enter all your insurance information and list your medications.

From this, we can advise if the plan you currently have is good to go.
This is truly a community service, because we lose money on every research project we undertake.

I only get paid (and that’s from the insurance companies, not the client) if there is a change of plans, and it is in my best interest to keep you where you are if the change wouldn’t be significant.

I have been watching television, and as a Medicare beneficiary (I am way past 65 myself), I see the misinformation being advertised. While the benefits in Kern County are better than some areas, the commercial lists many benefits not available here.

You would have to freeze your VCR to read the fine print disclosures on the bottom of the screen.

And my last point: We represent all the plans available, even those that do not compensate the agent. If it is advantageous to you, we will refer you to it.

Call 760-376-2100 and request a that “White Card” be mailed to you.

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