Elliott transfers to Los Padres

Press Release

U.S. Forest Service officials announced the selection of Kevin Elliott as the new forest supervisor for the Los Padres National Forest effective January 21. Elliott currently serves as the forest supervisor for the Sequoia National Forest in Porterville, a position he has held since 2011. Elliott stated, “It is certainly not for lack of excitement, but I’ve simply been here for six years, accomplished what was asked of me, and I’m ready for a change.”

“Kevin’s tenure as a forest supervisor, his breadth of experience, and emphasis on relationship building makes him ideally suited for the Los Padres and the surrounding community, especially on the heels of the Thomas Fire,” said Randy Moore, regional forester for the Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region.

As Elliott reflected on his six years on the Sequoia NF, he expressed great appreciation for the Sequoia NF employees and interactions with the local communities. “When I moved here in September of 2011, the communities were most welcoming and encouraging. I have enjoyed their support, encouragement, and active engagement with a shared commitment to making a difference restoring and sustaining our landscapes, and providing benefits and ecological services in a changing environment.”