Dear Corona: A letter from KVHS Seniors

By Mariah Maxwell
KVHS Senior

Dear Corona,
For us there is no do-over. There is no second shot. There is no next
Year. This was the year that we had all been waiting for. It’s supposed to be the year full of milestones, full of good times and full of bittersweet lasts. It was supposed to be parties and senior trips and senior ditch day and senior pranks.

It’s supposed to be working for MVP your senior season. Every year we have watched the seniors enjoy these things eagerly awaiting our turn and finally it’s come, but it’s what none of us expected. For us, everything was ripped away in an instant there was no warning and there was absolutely nothing that we could do. The first semester of senior year is stressful enough with

College applications having their way with our mental stability. Second semester was supposed to be fun, not stressful. It was supposed to contain all the exciting perks of being a senior that we all were really looking forward to.

This is supposed to be the year to remember and I suppose that holds true because let me tell you it can’t be forgotten. Corona you came without warning and you held nothing back. You instilled within us a constant sense of uncertainty and a fear like never before demolishing everything in your path.

There are a million things that I could list that you have destroyed and taken from us, however, there’s one beautiful thing that you have given us… time. Now, I have the time to deep clean my room and go through my closet finding those old photo albums. Now, I have the time to read that book I’ve been wanting to read. I finally can do that workout that I always say I’ll start tomorrow.

Now, I have the time to spend with my family joining in on that family game night that I for some reason could never make the time for previously. I have the time to reflect on my character grow in patience and gain perspective.

I had the time to prosper to grow and to overcome. You may have taken more than we ever anticipated but there are so many more things to love about life and we will not let you have it all. COVID 19, you do not win.

With our kindest regards,
Class of 2020

Marcie Allsworth - May 22, 2020

We need to put our loved ones at rest that’s been sitting in the there waiting to be put to rest in the ground, Our Father served in the Service and he sure don’t deserve wainting almost 2 months to be put rest.
Marcie Allsworth

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