CSF Signing Night at KVHS

Photo by Alexis Morales
Mariah Maxwell, Arian Hess, Lydon Olivares, Anne Keverline, Hannah Ocampo, Caitlyn Siratt, Emily Cudahy, Isabella Williams, and Carlos Lopez

By Alexis Morales
Kern Valley Su

California Scholarship Federation hosted their annual college signing night Thursday May 14th at 6 p.m. Practicing social distancing, parents and students came together to celebrate those who are going to 4 year colleges.

The event was hosted by Kern Valley’s CSF advisor Erin Woodwards, and Principle John Meyers.

The California Scholarship Federation or CSF is one of the oldest honor societies in California, founded in 1921. This 99 year organization emphasizes high standards of scholarships and community service for high school students.

These students must qualify each semester using point systems based on grades from their pre-approved course list. All of the students that participated are life-members which is achieved by qualifying 4 or more semesters in the last 3 years of high school.

Parents were proud to see their child go up on stage to be recognized for the colleges that they have been accepted and committed to. Dan Ocampo, a father of Hannah Ocampo, describes his experience saying “I just recall the first day she went to kindergarten and now she’s going to college”. Amber Perfect, a proud mother said that “it was a proud moment to watch all of the kids and see them colmonate… I am just so proud of Caitlyn and everybody, they’re going to do great things”.

The students and their college choice are as followed: Emily Cudahy is going to Humboldt University and studying Elementary Education, Arian Hess is going to CSU Sacramento and studying nursing, Isabella William’s is going to Colorado School of Mines and studying Mechanical Engineering, Anne Keverline is going to Chico State and studying Ag Business, Hannah Ocampo is going to San Diego University and studying Biology, Caitlyn Siratt is going to Chico State University and studying Animal Science, Mariah Maxwell is going to UCLA and studying Human Biology & Society, Lydon Olivares is going to Johnson and Wales University and studying Sustainable Food Systems, and Juan Carlos Lopez is going to North Arizona University and studying Criminal Justice.

Students appreciated the event and having the ability to share it with some of their friends. Lydon Olivares shares her thoughts saying the event “was important and was something that I was looking forward to”. Juan Carlos Lopez says “that it was great, especially with the circumstances that have been going on, but I was excited that we were able to get together and that it was able to happen like this”.

Overall, the event was a success as it gave tribute to those who have committed to universities while also practicing safe social distancing. It was very important to many of the seniors that they were able to attend this event. With all the adjustments and changes from COVID-19 it’s refreshing that some traditions can still be maintained. To all you seniors out there “just keep swimming” – Dory (Finding Nemo).