Coronavirus infects sports world: All Kern Valley High School sports are put in holding pattern

Photo courtesy of Max
More evidence of how the Coronavirus has infected the world of sports The NCAA Basketball Tournament known as March Madness is in a state of postponement. This college arena sits empty.

By: Ray Conner
Sports Editor

Even locally the new virus to hit has infected the world of sports. With the mass hysteria of the coronavirus, cities and state across the country have suspended, postponed, or in some cases cancelled events that draw large numbers. On the local level the precautionary stage is also taking effect as games, track meets, and other sporting events have been placed on a shutdown.

All of Kern Valley High School spring sports schedules have been postponed. There is hope that the season will not be lost. But with each day, more restrictions are being put in place. Recommendations are that people do not gather in groups of 250 or more. That number continues to dive and now no gatherings are recommended. This joins the national level of concern as the NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports have joined to place the sports world in state of flux. According to BBC News: The coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China, has now reached dozens of countries and has started to take its toll in the US. So how prepared is the country?

How fast is Covid-19 spreading? Thousands of new cases across the world are being reported each day, and the true scale could be 10 times higher. *There are 1,323 confirmed cases in the US, 117 in Canada. Thirty-eight people have died in the U.S. due to the virus and one person has died in Canada. Officials say risk remains low for the general US public, but is growing. Bans on large gatherings have been announced, with the National Guard troops dispatched to cities on both the U.S. East and West coasts. Several states, including Washington, have declared emergencies to deal with the outbreak.

The global outbreak has now been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Stock markets around the world have been in free-fall forcing trading to temporarily halt and causing many people to worry about their retirement funds. *Note: These numbers presented here were those on March 13, 2020. Currently, the arena, stadiums, and other playing field sit empty across the U.S. There is no timetable for things to resume and could last for several months. Let us hope as a collective one that things resolve themselves and we can find some normalcy in the aftermath. We can only hope that we can get back to playing games