Cop Tales

By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

I was working on the freeway in the San Diego Area when I received a call of a drive-by shooting on the freeway. When I arrived, I observed a male and female teenager standing on the shoulder next to their small Honda Civic. They were hugging each other and crying. As I approached them, I observed a young teenage boy sitting in the back seat. I asked the other two what happened.

They advised they were just driving on the freeway when another car they had never seen before drove by them and fired into their car. Several of the bullets struck the boy in the back seat.

I went to the vehicle, pulled the driver’s seat forward and saw the boy was bleeding from several parts of his body. I could see the boy was suffering, and he was sitting there all alone. I immediately called for medical aid and even though the vehicle was very small and I am over 6’3”, I climbed in the back seat, next to the boy. I put my arm around the boy, put his head on my shoulder and told him everything would be okay while I held him. The boy looked up at me, gave a half smile, gurgled and died in my arms.

It was a tragic event that I will never forget, but I will always know that he did not die alone; I comforted him during his final moments.