Cop Tales: Taking it Easy on the Coast

Taking it Easy on the Coast

It was my third month as a Sergeant and I was supervising three two-man graveyard units on the California coast. I responded to assist one of the units with a DUI collision on Pacific Coast Highway. One of my other units was booking a DUI at the jail, and the third unit was responding to a minor collision. While responding to that collision, the unit tried to initiate a traffic stop for another vehicle which was speeding on the U.S. 101 freeway. The vehicle failed to stop and a pursuit was initiated.
When I heard them broadcast the pursuit, I left the DUI collision and began my response. While I was enroute, the officers in pursuit advised that the occupants they were chasing started to shoot at them. The passenger in the vehicle they were chasing was standing up through the sunroof and firing at them. I was still at least 15 miles away. The pursuit left the freeway and continued on a city street where a city police sergeant joined in. The pursuit continued for a short distance until the fleeing driver was unable to make a 90 degree turn where the road ended. Both occupants were arrested.
However, it did not end there. The other graveyard unit, which had been at the jail, was responding to assist with the pursuit when they were involved in a rollover collision about a quarter of a mile from the pursuit’s termination point. The good news was that none of the bullets struck our pursuing officers or their patrol car, and no officers were injured in the roll-over crash, but needless to say, I did NOT get off work on time that morning. -LL