Cop Tales: Not on our beat

By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

One night on the graveyard shift, my partner and I were patrolling our beat on the freeway when we observed a vehicle parked on the right shoulder. When we stopped behind the vehicle, we noticed the trunk was tied down with a rope and we could see a hand sticking out from inside the trunk. Once our requested back-up units arrived, I got on our loud speaker and ordered the driver and occupants to put their hands in the air where we could see them. The occupants woke up and started to follow my orders when, all of a sudden, we noticed the guy in the trunk started to untie the rope that held the trunk closed.

We got everyone out of the vehicle and listened to their explanation. It turns out they got tired of driving and pulled over to sleep. Since there wasn’t enough room for all of them inside the vehicle, one of them slept in the trunk. It sounds like a happy ending, but my partner and I had to put up with a lot of razzing from other officers, such as, “Boy, remind me to never sleep on your beat”, or “Great job with the Felony Sleeping case” – BS