Cop Tales: Christmas Twins

By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

Two weeks before Christmas, I was driving a black and white Mustang patrol car when I stopped a woman on the freeway for speeding and expired registration. She also had a suspended driver’s license. She had 4-year-old twin boys with her. She started to cry and told me she didn’t have any money and couldn’t afford a ticket. She also told me she couldn’t afford to buy anything for her boys for Christmas. I couldn’t let her continue to drive on a suspended license, so I had to tow her vehicle and I drove her home. When I arrived at her house, I noticed it was a one-bedroom apartment with no Christmas tree or any decorations.

I dropped them off, returned to the station and traded my Mustang for a larger patrol car. I bought a Christmas tree, decorations, gifts for them and other Christmas items. I drove to her house and gave her all the items. She cried as she hugged me. Since I was also volunteering at the church’s toy drive, I was able to get a bike for each of the boys. I suggested she put the bikes and other gifts away for Christmas morning.

I know I gave them the gifts, but I felt like I was the one who received so much that day. I never saw them again, but I think of them all the time around the holidays.