Conor’s Corner

This past Friday I had the chance to play golf.
It was a great experience because all four players had the last name of Conner. I traveled to Bakersfield on Friday to meet my son, Cavan, and my two grandsons Kaden and Zayn.

The first remark I heard from my oldest grandson mak-ing the comment, “I’m gonna beat you, Papa.” Of course, it came from the crackling voice of a 13-year old who just happens to be heading into high school this fall. Hopefully, that is of course.

Yes, you heard that right. My oldest grandson is going to be a high schooler whenever they open up the schools. Now you can see why the silver on top of my head is that color. Back to golf.

It was fun playing. This was the first time in over four months I’ve had the chance to swing the clubs. Cavan has been playing a little more regular than I have, and so has my grandson. That is what sparked the trash talk out of the gate.

Zayn who is just six years old played a modified round as he is just learning the game. But it was fun to watch his intensity and not so fun to watch the “Conner” come out of him when frustration set in.
I, on the other hand, knew I was going to be rusty. Once the rust fell off I actually had a decent round of golf.

After opening the round with a bogey on No. 1, had a chance for par, but pulled the putt to just slide by the cup.

Over the next four holes, I scored a quadruple bogey, a triple bogey, a double bogey, and just a regular old bogey. So after four holes, I was sitting with a score of 31 with five to play on the front nine. That’s when the rust dropped off and I found my swing.

I finished with a respectable score of 50. That’s 14 strokes over par as we headed for the back nine.

Oh, the grandson didn’t have much to say as he finished with a whopping 63 so it was really quiet in the cart. Cavan had a de-cent round shooting a 43. Zayn, well he enjoyed the fact he was out on the course and getting the chance to hit the dimpled ball.

Like I said I found my swing and finished the back nine holes with a 45. Playing bogey golf. That is actually my desire. I figure if I play bogey golf for the whole round, for the amount of time I actually get on the course, I’ll take it.

But, you know what, the scores really didn’t matter. What matters was enjoying spending a little time with my grandsons and my son playing a game that my best days are behind me and theirs is just getting started. This is one more step getting closer to normalcy.