Conner’s Corner: Where have you gone… Coach?

Ray Conner / Sports Editor

Conner’s Corner / Ray Conner

You will notice that some of the athletic teams from Kern Valley are missing from this week’s issue.

Even though they played games or matches, nothing was made available to me. Numerous emails were sent out, and still no response.

I was supposed to run the previews for the cross country team. I was unable to do that because of no response. I just want the parents to know it’s not the fault of the Kern Valley Sun Sports Editor.

It seems every year there are a few teams that are hit and miss when reporting their games, matches, and results. I’m hoping everyone gets what I am trying to say. It’s the athletes that suffer, not me, not the coaches, not the school, not even the parents, even though I’m sure they would like to see their athletes’ team results. Many do so to make scrap books of their player showing their prowess in the field of athletics.

It’s a little sad thinking that the Kern Valley Sun sports pages won’t be filled with the local goings-on in the valley. Instead I have to fill the pages with “fluff,” as we call it. Stuff that fills the pages to make it appear complete. I would much rather spend the time and energy sorting through the stats and telling the story of the athletic event.

Despite what many might think, I really enjoy doing that. Working the numbers, filling the reader’s thoughts as if they were sitting in the stands. For the past 21 years, I’ve told stories on these pages, and still, to this day, I enjoy it. I’ve told my bosses here at the Kern Valley Sun that when the time comes that I find the job unfulfilling, it will be then that I will close down my computer and move on.

Until that time comes, I implore the coaches to submit their results from each contest, individual stats (no matter how insignificant they might be), and a quote telling the readers how you saw the action as far as the team goes.

Thank you for letting me vent a little. I hope this is taken in the frame of mind it was written in and not as a complaint or bagging on any one in particular.
Until the next time when I will turn the corner again, play on.

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