Conner’s Corner: We’ve hit a lull

Conner’s Corner / Ray Conner

Between seasons causes lull in sports reporting.
With the early start to the school year and with fall sports for Kern Valley over, there will be a lull in high school action.
Of course it will be back on track with the winter sports schedules and the start of the previews for the teams as early as Nov. 22.
Luckily, there was one youth football playoff game played this past Saturday, so that could possibly be the feature. Another group that has consistently sent stuff this year is AYSO. Between them and youth football, plenty of kids are getting their names in the newspaper and making playing the game that much better.

The thing is, I know there is other sports stuff happening, yet here at the Kern Valley Sun we get nothing. It’s not very hard to get kids or adults recognized for their athletic accomplishments. There are plenty of ways to get the information in the Sun. The easiest is by
Of course one could always drop the information by the office.

I know currently there is a youth indoor soccer team that travels to Bakersfield to play. They are three or four games into the season and yet nothing.
Also this past year, only a few of the athletes that are playing at the next level have received recognition. I would love to fill the Sun sports pages with those that are competing in college.
It seems once they leave high school, they become forgotten unless a former coach or a parent sends in the info.
I’m not sure what the answers are to getting the info, but maybe if I continue to harp on it in my own forum, it might happen.
Let’s just say at the moment we are backed into a ‘corner,’ and this is the way to put it out there.

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