Conner’s Corner: My annual rant

I guess it’s time for my annual rant about not getting information on sports teams around the valley. As you can see in this weeks edition of the Kern Valley Sun we are a little thin on teams reporting their games.

Let it be known that all coaches have been made aware of deadlines for inclusion in the Kern Valley Sun. If they choose not to get the information to me, that’s on them and not me. I do kind of get tired hearing from disgruntled parents about how come certain teams are not in the newspaper. When I am confronted by the parents I tell them exactly why there is no mention of their team. It all goes back to the coaches. If they don’t send it, I can’t put it in the newspaper.

This in my humble opinion is really a shame. It seems that they do not want their athletes recognized. It doesn’t even matter if their team wins or if they lose, they have chosen to slight their players.

On occasion there are coaches that for some valid reason cannot get me information. But they also contact me and let me know. I have no problem doubling up the next week if that proves to be the case.

But you can see week after week which teams do not share information and I also want you to know it’s not me.

Thank you for allowing my annual rant and I hope this might be the last time I have to urge those coaches to let their players have their shining moment in the (Kern Valley) Sun.

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