Conner’s Corner: Christmas present and past

Conner’s Corner / Ray Conner

With it being a slow sports cycle this past week, I have to tell you how life comes full circle.
For Christmas, my grandson Kaden Burnette-Conner got an electric football game. Yeah, they are still around I guess. The premise is the same, but this time you can get them in your favorite team.

It wasn’t long ago that I was sharing one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts being an electric football game. I even got a response from Nate Blue as to remembering the game.
I still remember how the quarterback and the kicker were far different from the regular players. Let me tell you-in that case, nothing has evolved. They look exactly the same, and the function remains the same.

You put the little felt football in the hand of the QB or the tee of the kicker. You flick the arm or the leg to let loose the felt pigskin.
What was even more fun was playing against my grandson. Having experience placed me ahead of the game. I stopped him on his possession and he punted the ball. After setting up the defense, I busted up the middle to score a touchdown. Of course I was not going to kick the extra-point I went for the two-point conversion. My grandson set up the perfect defense to put a stop to the try. But I was feeling good, I was ahead 6-0 and he had one more possession. Setting up the defense, I pushed up the middle, and I stopped him on three straight downs. He went for the desperation pass, but it wasn’t even close. I won the game and celebrated like I had just won the Super Bowl.
The game itself was actually as fun as I remember. The constant buzz of the players skimming across the field. Of course some of them had no clue as they did circles while the ball carrier slipped on by. I’m just glad that I had the chance to share the experience with my grandson that even though I’m old, as he puts it, we have something in common. It’s called the electric football game we both had received for a Christmas present.

Part two:
Three generations on the golf course was another gift I received over Christmas. On Dec. 29 I had the chance to play the Links at River Lakes with my son Cavan and my grandson Kaden.
The day started out a little chilly, but it warmed nicely and we all enjoyed a pleasant round of golf.
The course was challenging, but for some reason we all played well. Me being a 25 handicap closed out the round with a 94. The strange thing was I only used one iron besides my wedges. On one shot I drove the ball so well I used a nine iron to make the green. Other than that, it was drive, three wood or five wood depending on the distance. Then usually a sand wedge into the green.
My son Cavan was on his game and shot an 82. He’s a 15 handicap so he was putting good shots together to make for a fine round of golf.
Kaden also had a decent score for an 11-year-old. He is still learning the game and trying to find the right club to use in certain situations. His score doesn’t matter because there were times he out drove his papa. To be fair he teed off from the Junior tees so he picked up quite a lot of distance.
But the scoring for us really doesn’t matter. It’s the chance to play a game that we all like a lot and spend some quality time together.

Part three:
If you were hoping to open the sports pages to see a return to normalcy…you’ll have to wait one more week. It’s times like these that test my meddle as a sports writer/editor.
Because of the holidays and the inactivity of the local teams, it makes for the sports pages being a little on the thin side.
Not long ago, it seemed that at least one team was participating in a tournament during the break. Now when the schools of the valley go on a holiday break so do the teams. The good news in all of this is that most teams saw action on Tuesday. For the next six weeks or so, the sports pages will be filled with results of all of the Kern Valley High School teams that play in the winter.
Hopefully, the South Fork boys basketball coach continues to send little blurbs allowing more athletes names to adorn the sports pages.
The thing is there are other teams that have played games leading up to the holiday break, but nothing gets reported. Most times all that hurts is the athletes on the teams and their families.
So next week when you open your copy of the Kern Valley Sun the sports pages will be filled with all the happenings.

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