Conner’s Corner: Bowling right up my alley

Another week has come and gone and still no end in sight for this guy to get back on the lanes.

I think I miss bowling more now than when I took 15-year hiatus to watch my kids play high school sports.

After that time and the kids had gone off to find themselves, a friend put together a fun league that went to Laughlin called the Gambler’ League. It was a no-tap league where wins did not matter. I was reluctant but also wanted to give it a try.

I competed and had lots of fun. The name of our team was Bowling SuX. Not only did I have fun but I wanted to bowl more so I went down to the lanes the following day and got put on a team that was struggling to get consistent players to show up. Not to pat my own back, but we ended up coming in first place.

Once again I was hooked on bowling and as they say the rest is history.

The next year a team was put together called the Sudsuckers. Yup, this is a team that can pound the beers. We have so many rules to get beer frames.

We had a really good time and a really good team. I’m not sure of the exact number of years, but the core has been together for quite a few years now.

My whole family has been bowlers from early ages.

From my mom and dad to all four of my sisters, my brother and two of my nephews have succeeded on the bowling lanes. I guess bowling is and will probably always be a part of my life.

Another interesting story to tell is my daughter and I attended a father and daughter dinner and were picked to play in a version of the newlywed game. I don’t remember many of the questions that were asked of me or her except one that still sticks in my memories.

She was asked what sport that I wished I would have gone on to play professional. Yup her answer was bowling. I’m not even sure why or how she came up with that answer, but I guess it was fate or destiny or whatever else you want to call it.

Bottom line is I miss bowling and I want to get back to the lanes. I know I’ve expressed this before and I know I speak for many when I say Thank you to Gabby Mayfield, Dan Mayfield, and Christine Mayfield for giving this bowler a chance to roll the ball down the alley.

I speak for the masses when I say we appreciate the fact you followed your dream so we can have the opportunity to follow ours. Thank you Mayfields for allowing us the opportunity to get frustrated, have fun, and be competitive on the alleys at Mt. Mesa Lanes.

I really can’t wait for us to get back to filling the place and hanging out with friends.
Lets get back to normalcy real soon.

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