Conner’s Corner: Another golfing adventure

Photo by Ray Conner/ Kern Valley Sun
The Palms Golf Course.

Just recently my wife and I had the chance to travel from California to go to Mesquite, Nevada to play golf in Arizona.

With an opportunity to get away for a couple of days, my wife and I got on the road. My sister and brother in law live in Mesquite and are avid golfers.

We had a tee time of 7:20 am in hopes of beating the heatwave that was generating itself in the western part of the United States.

The day started off really nice as the sun tucked its way behind some clouds and the picturesque golf course was ours to try and conquer.

For me, the adventure was playing a new golf course that actually sits in Littlefield, Arizona. It was challenging and my shots were okay. Typical for a golf game, some good, but some really bad.

My wife swung with rust as she has not played in three or four years. Once again her athleticism pushed through with some really good shots. Her putting was too aggressive for the fast greens which resulted in some higher marks on the scorecard.

But I’m really sure that neither of us cared about the scores. Well, maybe I did a little as my competitiveness showed through. All in all, it was another chance to return to normalcy and we took full advantage. My sister and brother in law also played well.

Later in the day as the holes became longer due to the oppressive heat, the foursome battled through and completed all 18 holes. Then it was lunch from the golf course that we took back to the house and a chance to reminisce the day’s events.

Oh, you want to know my score? Well, it was 102 for a course I was playing for the first time. Am I making an excuse for the high score? Heck no as I’ve said before I play golf for fun and the chance to get on the course and chase the little white ball that is full of dimples, but never smiles.
It looks like the return to normalcy is at hand and I for one can’t wait.