Conner’s Corner

It was 23 years in February since I started writing for the Kern Valley Sun.
In that time I have seen a lot of people come and go. Quite a few people have crossed under the banner of the Kern Valley Sun. I was one of the fortunate ones that lasted a long time under your leadership. And now that we are under new ownership, I think it’s only fitting that I give a shout out to Ron and Marsha Smith.

For the past number of years, they took this newspaper when nobody in their right mind wanted to own a newspaper. With a good group of employees through the years made it one that was worth reading. Even if we stepped on people’s toes you guys stuck to your guns and sacrificed so much. Despite the early signs that newspapers across the country were dying a slow death, you hung on to the actual pages of the Sun as it is fondly called. You made it a pleasant place to work, yet when it was time to be the boss you guys did it in a way that was out of respect and not because I said so attitude.

I have had the pleasure of being the sports editor, the sports god, (thank you Michele), since you undertook this adventure. I thank you that you have allowed me to make the sports page my own. Even in these tough times, we as a group tried to keep sports relevant. Even though we did not get much response, the trivia to me was enlightening. I learned quite a bit about some of our local athletes.

It was probably a good thing that co-ed softball came along so I could create some stories based on a bunch of adults playing the game of softball. The powers that be, or I guess the proper term now is were, have always been in my corner. They were with all the employees, which is the sign of a good boss. I will miss the staff meeting that turned into a part business and part bull session. Of course, I will miss the offsite parties and every time we volunteered for the community.

We did it because we cared about the community and always made it fun. I truly wish to thank you for allowing me to be part of the Kern Valley Sun for a really long time. I will also miss defending the Sun when the community didn’t like what we printed.

I have enjoyed your leadership and just want to say thank you that for many years I was part of the Sun family. When the next chapter begins, I really hope that you sit back and remember the ride you just went through. I know I will never forget our partnership in creating the Sun from the A section to in some cases the D section. Good Luck to two people I am honored to say are friends.

Note: Opinions expressed in Conner’s Corner are that of the writer not necessarily those of the Kern Valley Sun.