Conner’s Corner

So how was your sports weekend? Mine was filled like a dance card before WW1. It was the closest return to normal in a very long time. I was able to watch three sports, including a double dose of baseball. That’s right baseball.

My sports weekend actually started on Thursday as they teed off in the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. I still think I am one of the few that watch golf on television. This gave me a chance to see some of the old guards get back on the course infused with a few of the up and coming new guard. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson tried their luck as part of the old guard. John Rahm would eventually run away with the victory on the course, but he had to battle tough conditions to do so.

Rahm is part of the new guard of golfers along with Tony Finau, Xander Schauffele, Collin Morikawa, and the big hitter on the circuit Bryson DeChambeau that are trying to make a name for themselves on the PGA Tour. Of course, on Friday I also watched the second round to see which players were not going to make the cut.

Then on Saturday it was more golf, taped of course, but still action. Also, it was a privilege to watch Summer Camp baseball. This is opposed to spring training games. Isn’t the English language great? You can make up words and phrases to fit your narrative. Then again the media in recent history has been doing that just to fit their narrative.

Baseball games to me are a battle between the pitcher and batter, the defense and the offense and the moves the manager s have to make to try and win a ball game. The following day was another chance to “catch” a baseball game. It was as close to normal as it has been for quite some time.

Come Thursday when the shortened season begins to count, I’ll be watching every chance I get. Well, the New York Mets games that is. If my wife wouldn’t kill me, I’d pay the $2,580 to have my cut out in the stands for the 30 games at Citi Field in New York. Yup, you heard right. For a fee, most teams are offering your cut out likeness in the stadium seats with piped-in crowd noise. Anyway, with baseball back, I’m one happy guy. LGM for those that are wondering that means Let’s Go Mets.

Also on Sunday, I was able to complete the trifecta of my sports weekend by watching the NASCAR race at Texas. It filled my “sports” card when I watched the NASCAR drivers compete at the Texas track in brutal heat.

Anyone who doesn’t think NASCAR drivers are not athletes, go sit in your car with the windows up and drive around in 100-degree heat. That’s what these NASCAR athletes had to contend with close to 140 degrees pushing their concentration against 42 other cars on the track. That takes athleticism. It came down to the last couple of laps to decide a winner.

A NASCAR race is a place I would like to return to if we ever approach normalcy again. I crossed that off my bucket list several years ago, but I definitely would go again and again, oh and again.

There you have it, my sports-filled weekend. Not sure about you, but that made me really tired. I guess that’s what a return to normalcy will do to you.

Note: Opinions expressed in Conner’s Corner are that of the writer not necessarily those of the Kern Valley Sun.