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As we get closer to August it’s looking real slim if there will be high school football games being played this year. The CIF has settled on strict guidelines which make it almost impossible to play the game of football.

The return-to-play guidelines from the CIF address:
Pre-participation physical exams
Facilities cleaning
Entrance/exit strategies
Pre-workout screening
Hygiene practices
Hydration/Food recommendations
Face coverings
Limitations on gatherings
Physical activity and athletic equipment
Weight Rooms
Locker rooms and athletic weight rooms training areas

How to prepare athletes to return to physical activity
These are tough requirements for a contact sport that pits players against each other in a battle on the field. I’m guessing that even two-hand touch is out of the question because of the possibility of passing the virus along. According to the CIF: “For all the sports below, given that social distancing requirements remain in effect, the only activities permitted are those listed below unless county guidelines permit otherwise.

Football-Conditioning and individual drills. A player should not participate in drills with a single ball that will be handed off or passed to other teammates. Contact with other players is not allowed, and there should be no sharing of tackling dummies, donuts, and sleds. Protective equipment prohibited.”

I’m not really sure how you can play a football game with a ball that can not be handed off or passed. So why does the CIF con-fuse us with these guidelines? It seems like they don’t want the responsibility for any libel that might come as a result. Even their one statement gives counties the right to override their guidelines. “Unless county guidelines permit otherwise” Or so it seems to me.

Oh, well the way this year has gone it would not surprise me to see high school football come to an end. And then some schools when the madness comes to an end might not allow football back at their schools.

High school football here in the Kern River Valley has always been a huge part of the fall all the way through to Thanksgiving. It would be a real shame if the kids do not get the chance to take to the field and participate in a game that is truly a team concept. Talk about uniting for a cause the game of football can do that as a beginning to try and return to normalcy.

From the youth football leagues, all the way to the high school teams there seems to be much still in debate on how to proceed. There is so much confusion coming in from many different so-called experts it makes it tough on who to believe. I’m just hoping that in the next couple of weeks they decided on either a solution or make the even tougher call of canceling the season. I’m not sure how much more of a waiting game-high school will be willing to make if a decision is not entered soon.

As for me, I’ve always loved high school football. It was the chance to make the school year a success from the start. But this year could signal an end to how we look at high school football. I’m hoping not, but in these crazy times, it sure looks like that’s the obvious choice.

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