Conner’s Corner

Just when you thought things were returning to normal, it took another twist.

It looked like for the moment the sports world was ready to get back going. Things were opening up and everybody was excited. NASCAR was running, pro golfers were taking to the courses for competition, the bowling alley was stressing guidelines to open back up to give bowlers a chance to recover their form. Even Major League Baseball worked out a short season to get the players back in the stadiums.

Just before the fourth of July a lot of the country put the brakes on the reopening and reverted back to tyrannical control (my opinion).

Here in California, Governor Newsom closed 19 counties of the 58 in the state. He made everyone close up again including the bowling lanes. The lanes are considered family entertainment venues. My heart sank once again. I’ll be back to missing rolling the ball down the alley on the three-man summer league.

Thing is I had two really good weeks of bowling and I felt like I was returning to form. For six games my average ballooned to a 237. Kind of gave me a tingling sensation. Now it looks like all that effort once again came to a screeching halt. Yes, my eyes are getting a little blurry through the tears.

There might not be “No crying in baseball”, but I for one am crying a river of tears that would probably fill the lake because I can’t bowl. I guess I better be careful I might win another Waa-Waa Award. Hopefully, in three weeks there will be change and we can get back to it.

Speaking of baseball, a lot of teams are going through their version of spring training in hopes of starting the season on July 28. A 60-game season where teams only play within their division, and a few games with their counter division in the opposite league. I know the season will have a huge asterisk next to it, but at least we can watch some games being played.

Whichever team gets crowned the champions can’t take too much pride in it because of the way things went down.

There will be even more questions surrounding this baseball season. If a player hits in 57 straight games can that be a record? There are even new rules during the regular season on an extra-inning contest. If the teams are tied after nine innings, a runner will be placed at second base for each team in their at-bat.

Then of course they have a universal designated hitter (DH). I’m wondering if a manager will DH for a position player if a good hitting pitcher is on the mound? That might be an interesting concept they will have to deal with. But hey, they will be playing some semblance of a major league baseball game.

At the moment I’ll take a hotly contested game of tiddlywinks.
Maybe soon we can get back to normalcy.

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