Conner’s Corner

Well in another step drawing closer to normalcy, the PGA held its first tournament since the lockdown.

To be honest, I realize many people don’t watch golf on TV. As for me, I enjoy it because it helps me with my golf game. I watch as the pros line up a shot. I watch how they swing the club.

I’m definitely not saying I’ll ever be a pro golfer, it’s too late for that. I’m just an average duffer that enjoys playing the game. Lots of times I’ll try to imitate a shot I’ve seen on TV only to find out that’s why they are pros and I’m a differ.

I know what all of my four readers are thinking. This guy is just starved for sports. But that’s really not the case. I really do like watching golf on TV. You can ask my wife. I watch golf and sometimes even tape it so I can just watch the action and not the commercials. I really dislike watching commercials, but that’s another “Corner”.

The fact that they are playing without crowds rooting them on has to be disconcerting for them. I mean I’m sure the last time these guys have not played in front of a crowd was in high school. It does seem a little odd not hearing the roar of the crowd as a 20-foot birdie attempt rolls perfectly toward the cup and drops in. All these guys can do is fist-bump their caddy and watch it in replays or on highlights on the golf channel.

Golf for me has always been a relaxing time. Okay, not when I miss a shot and I bang the club down on the ground. Most times I believe it’s the club that made the mistake. Or maybe that’s my perception of not making a good shot. Of course, when the ball gets squared up nicely and you feel the club makes good contact, it’s all me.

Anyway back to the action as they use to say. There were a few notables missing from the tournament, but it still was exciting as they battled down the stretch. There were 18 players that were within five strokes of the leaders. The tournament had to be decided in a playoff. That’s how exciting it was for me. Daniel Berger outlasted most of the field and then had to play one extra hole to be declared the champion. It marked only his second PGA win in his short career.

Collin Morikawa also a relatively unknown who has shown promise over the early stages of his PGA career came in with the same minus-15 mark as Berger. They went back out on the course for the overtime hole. It only took one hole to determine the winner, but even that was exciting.

I’m also excited that in the coming months, the Master’s Tournament, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship are on tap. For me, that will be fun to watch as I’m sure there will be many more notables out on the course. Until then may your shots be true as we return to normalcy.