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Having just finished up with the first-ever viral NFL Draft this writer gives them a mark of C-minus.

Here is my list of reasons as to why the grade was so low:
A. The picks were revealed on social media before they came across the television screen.

It started with the No.1 pick. The Cincinnati Bengals had the first overall pick. On the screen the so-called experts were discussing who they should take. Three minuted into their discussion it showed that the pick was in.

Ten minutes later one of the worst NFL Commissioners to grace the sport, (this writer’s opinion) he finally had the card in his hand with the players’ name on it. On social media, it was already showing Joe Burrow celebrating as the No.1 pick.
Roger Goodell was taking his sweet time in making the announcement.
B. The experts combined from ESPN and NFL Network were so full of themselves telling each team who they should pick.

When the pick came down and it wasn’t to their choosing, the so-called experts changed gears so quickly. They made it sound like that was the plan in the first place. And then went on to say why this particular pick was the right choice for this team.

Do they really think just because they are on TV and get paid for their opinions, that the fans are too dumb to see this. I’ve seen many more knowledgeable fans on the pages of Facebook.
C. The NFL tried to give a fan experience to the draft. I’m sorry 12 to 16 people in virtual reality spent all of one minute celebrating when the pick was in. It was like the NFL and Goodell himself was making it about the way the draft was being held, instead of the talented college players that were hoping to be picked to compete for a spot on an NFL roster.

Minus. Two and a half hours was the actual time it took to draft all 32 players in the first round. Then another hour and half of commercials for a three and a half hour debacle of viral nonsense.

From every person that I have talked to about this they hope this never happens again. It was a failure and if they hoped this could turn into an every year event they are surely rethinking their plan as we speak.

In the end all the rounds were eventually completed and each team chose who they think will improve their team for the upcoming season. Yup, I said upcoming season. I believe an end is in sight and real soon we will have the chance to return to normalcy.

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