Conner’s Corner: 2019 “Tainted” Bowl

Conner’s Corner
by Ray Conner

Welcome to the 2019 “Tainted” Bowl.

This year’s participants are the Los Angeles “we got away with a big one” Rams versus the “calls went our way” New England Patriots.

There are so many story lines to this one; I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve been saying for years the NFL at the beginning of the season leans refs to who they want in the Super Bowl. Notice I said leans, but in this case, this year, it was more of a slant to wanting the Patriots and the Rams.

Look, who doesn’t want the team everybody hates most, next to the Cowboys that is, in the New England Patsy’s and the upstart Rams that appeals to the millennial crowd.

The Patriots have gone to the last three Super Bowls. Sorry, but their team is not any more talented than the rest. They received a few calls that were really suspect and got away with some that were very suspicious.

Two that come to mind were the muffed punt. The ruling on the field was a muffed punt. After several minutes, and I mean several minutes, the call was overturned. Hmm, usually when a replay takes that much time, the ruling on the field stands as called. Not in this case though, it gave the ball back to the Patriots. I still say it hit his thumb, and it did change direction.

As for the second call when the referee in the booth makes an “oh boy” call, you know it was suspect from the start. Replays were evident that the call never should have been made, but once again it was, and it benefited the Patriots.

Turning to the other team, everyone but the referees got this one right from the get go. How in the world did pass interference not get called on the Rams? Hmm, another suspicious moment that leads back to my conspiracy theory.

The New Orleans Saints were driving down the field and could have put the game almost out of reach. But no, the referees decided there wasn’t a call to be made. Notice I said the referees. How many times have you seen a penalty flag come from 40-yards away rather than from the guy standing right in front of the play. Not this time; all the yellow hankies stayed in the pockets, and it turned a good game into one that aroused suspicion.

Okay, now I have vented and produced my conspiracy theory on the world of the Super Bowl and the NFL.

I’m hoping that his year’s Super Bowl doesn’t have any controversy. That’s a laugh. It’s almost guaranteed that it will. After all it is the 2019 “Tainted” Bowl.