Color with a cause

Photos by Grace Harrison / Special to the Sun; Participants were dusted with colorful powder during the C.S.F. Color R.A.C.E. on Saturday, Oct. 14.

By Grace Harrison
Special to the Sun

This past week, Lake Isabella got a bit more colorful. On October 14, Kern Valley High School’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) held its annual Color R.A.C.E. The colorful event was a 5K starting at KVHS, going up and down Erskine Creek Road, and ending back at the high school. Throughout the race, CSF students threw colored powder at the participants all in the name of fun. The “R.A.C.E.” in Color R.A.C.E. stands for “Running to Assist our Community’s Elders,” and that’s exactly what participants did. “This is one of the reasons why this event is important, as it is a big fundraising thing for the school and the community’s elders” said Michaele Dietzel, KVHS senior and CSF chapter president.

“The Color R.A.C.E. was, I believe, started 5 years ago by CSF as a charity run to help the elders in the community, whether it’s through a skilled nursing facility or Meals on Wheels. The students vote on what project they want to support,” Erin Woodward, advisor to KVHS’ CSF chapter, explained. To enter the race, participants paid an entry fee of $20, and in return received a race bib, glasses, and a pack of colored powder to throw on a victim of their choice. “All the proceeds that we make go to a senior area that the students decide they want to support,” said Woodward.

Preparing for the race took a lot of work and preparation. Dietzel played a role in delegating responsibilities for this race. She had this to say about the subject: “I personally started the CSF Instagram and the CSF Facebook page to post the forms up there and just get it advertised.”

Photo by Grace Harrison / Special to the Sun: Michaele Dietzel (left) had fun throwing color on Alyssa Servin as she ran by.

Even with all the hard work the CSF chapter put into this run, this year’s turnout was low. When asked about the turnout, Woodward said this: “The turnout has been low in recent years. We’re hoping to find the date that makes it have a great turnout so be watching for it in the future because we really want the community to help support us.” Regardless, Dietzel is thankful for being able to play a role in this event. “The next time I delegate I’ll probably be a more ‘helicopter’ delegator. I’ll be more on top of them to be on top of it,” she said. Dietzel is also appreciative of the skills, such as advertising, she learned from planning this event. “Next time, I’ll be good about getting things out and actually talking to people I know are going to do it,” she explained.

Most importantly, the runners had a blast. Michael Johnston, the winner of the race, said “This race was lots of fun! As an elder myself, I truly support the cause.” His favorite color of the race was purple. KVHS teacher and race participant Nathan Schultz exclaimed, “This was a total blast! I’m really glad I came. I’m going to come every year.” He added “I think running for our elders is a really important part of our community. It’s a pleasure to come out here and support this organization.” When asked about his favorite color of the day, he said, “It seems to be my favorite color is every color at this point but, I guess my favorite would have to be Bronc blue!”
Both Dietzel and Woodward were pleased with the event, despite a low turnout. “The CSF kids work really hard doing community service all year round, and I’m really proud of all my students,” said Woodward. Dietzel added, “Mrs. Woodward has been a big supporter in helping myself and the chapter organize this year’s run.”

Photo by Grace Harrison / Special to the Sun; Great fun was had by all who participated in the C.S.F. Color Race on Oct. 14.