Clarifying Measures J and K

By Ashley Loza
Kern Valley Sun

The October 3 edition of the Kern Valley Sun included an article entitled “County clarifies Measures J and K” that requires two clarifications.

First, the article states the Measure J would not allow mobile delivery. California’s SB 94 disallows the county from banning mobile deliveries to private homes that have originated from licensed dispensaries. According to County Planning Director Lorelei Oviatt, Measure J would not authorize any permitted dispensary in unincorporated Kern County to get a state license for delivery. Therefore, mobile deliveries would be permitted, but only for deliveries that originate from permitted dispensaries outside of Kern County’s unincorporated areas.

Second, the article incorrectly stated that because Measure J would not place a limit on dispensaries, the state would regulate the number of allowable dispensaries. Oviatt clarified that while Measure J would not place a limit on the number of dispensaries, the state would also not place a limit. Oviatt stated that Measure J mandates permits with no public hearing, an estimated 30 of which are pre-existing. After this, she says the Board may require processing a Conditional Use Permit, which would require a public hearing and allow the Board to deny them based on appropriate findings after a hearing.