Chat with the “Chaps” Man

Photo by Jocelyn Moss-Newfield
Left to right: Cheyenne Click, Carolina Chapman, Chester “Chaps” Chapman, Lauren Noble, and Jamie Hafenfeld.

Well howdy Folks… Yes, it’s me, Chester “Chaps” Chapman with my final thoughts on the Whiskey Flat 2020 mayor’s race before I’m handed the Honorary title this coming Sunday afternoon. I know I’m fillin’ the size 10 shoes of Pistol Packin’ Patty and that aint an easy job, but I’m wearin’ the boots that can do it! Folks we had a great turn out at the corn hole tournament plus great weather last Saturday as we rounded the bend towards mayorship. Most of the corn landed in the proper hole, lets just say it don’t take no geniuses to play the game and none showed up. I just want to thank the Kernville Chamber for the opportunity to fund raise for the Kern River Valley Junior Rodeo, I know the young folks sure do appreciate it and will keep it going here in our Valley long after the sparks fizzle out. Thank you to my supporters in and out of the Kern River Valley. Bribin’ your friends is fun, but bribin’ from out of towners is like stealin’. Support came in from far and wide, and I want to thank you all! Thank you to my ever lovin’ posse and a Happy Valentines day this Friday to my lovely and beautiful wife Carolina, soon to be Mrs. Mayor of Whiskey Flat. And to Mr. and Mrs. Jami and Shawn Firecracker, good luck and thank you for all the effort to support our community.

Ever humble,
Chester “Chaps” Chapman