Changes coming for KRVR

John Blythe
President, KRVR

After being on a leave of absence recently due to issues in Alabama, I have returned to my post as President of Kern River Valley Revitalization, and in my quarterly report here to the community, there has been a lot going on.

At our recent KRVR Board meeting, we have been deliberating on some important decisions concerning the future of the organization and what kind of future role it will play in the entire community. Our board has decided that KRVR will no longer be involved in any fiscal sponsorship programs, and we have informed all of the organizations that fall under the umbrella of KRVR that we are looking at working on alternative solution to ensure that their funds can still be put to good use. Another item we voted on was a letter in opposition of the Sierra Forest Legacy which is trying to get the Forest Service to designate 758,000 more acres as restrictive land in the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests. This may have future effects on the local economy.

KRVR however, as an organization itself, is starting to become a bit unstuck. For many years, KRVR has been viewed as the “go to” group to bring the entire community together with valley-wide cooperation. While it has never been a policy of KRVR to encourage the various towns around Lake Isabella to chart their own course, as KRVR always endorsed unifying the valley as one, I am starting to notice that local residents and stakeholders seem very open in exploring the formation of a local governing body such as a KRV Town Council. This concept has always been endorsed by KRVR, but as much, I feel that KRVR has started to lose its legitimacy in the community, and this may be the more appropriate route to go. I am planning on meeting with leaders of both the KRV Chamber of Commerce, The Community of Wofford Heights Group and with Supervisor Mick Gleason on exploring it further.

At the Monthly KRVR Community Meeting, September 7 at 9:00 a.m. at the Forest Service Headquarters in Kernville, we hope to have a formal announcement about the future of KRVR and we will also discuss the concept of looking into the formation of a KRV Town Council to get public input, so please plan on attending if you can.