Celebrating Veterans and First Responders

Fire Station 72 (not in order) Captain Dave Hansen, Engineer Zac Boyd, Firefighter Tyler Sauarese, Assistant Coach Matt Strange. Fire Station 76 Matt Dominguez, Justin Sundberg, and Chris Bryski. Batalion 7 Dionisio Mitchell
Photos by: Julie Giyer/ Kern Valley Sun
American Legion Chapter 711 (not in order): James Dunn/ Commander, Mike Woodward, Mike Brownell, Carl Vader, Mike Lamb, John & Cindy Anderson, Steve Buckner, Rick Wolfe, Bobby Crane/ Vice President, Andy Larimer, and Dale Johnson.

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Veteran’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor those that have fought for our country, those who’ve perished while on duty, and those who still fight for our country. On Saturday, November 2 during the Kern Valley Youth Football game, Veteran’s and first responders were honored with a free lunch, parade, and a special performance from the Kern Valley Youth Football League cheerleaders.

The American Legion Chapter 711, dressed in red with their leathers, rode their motorcycles around the track of the football field followed by Liberty Ambulance, U.S Forest Service, and Kern Valley Fire Department Unit 72 and 76. The football teams walked out holding the American flag while the Star Spangled Banner played through the loud speakers. The veterans walked out on the field while the National Anthem was sung. The football players and cheerleaders then handed the veterans pictures of flags they designed for them and the cheerleaders performed dances choreographed especially for that day. It was a special day full of cheers and appreciation.