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Latest Star Wars Far, Far Away from Production

By Josh Simpkins / September 26, 2017

By Josh Simpkins Special to the Sun There has been a great disturbance within the Force. Thanks to what is being dubbed “creative differences,” director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) has left the production of Star Wars: Episode IX. It would seem Trevorrow exited the project after issues with the script persisted throughout development, with the […]


Writing Out Loud: The Only Way to Go Down River

By George Stahl / September 26, 2017

On the morning of what was to be the last chance to hit the rapids, a group of 12 people met at Mountain River Adventures up the road from Kernville. They were going on a half-day trip down the lower Kern, and as they waited to be fitted for their life vests and helmets, they […]


Pushin’ Up Daisies: Profound Love

By Tracy Lee / September 26, 2017

Recently, I have received several correspondences asking a question similar to the following, “Why does losing your loved one hurt so much after three years?” Last night I read a post online, written by one of my dear cousins. She was grieving the sixth year anniversary of her mother’s loss. Her heart remains completely broken […]


Fishing with Noble: Schooled on Lake Isabella

By Noble Smith / September 19, 2017

By Noble Smith / Fishing with Noble Smith After 10 days of work, it was time to fish a tournament. Lake Isabella Bass Club held its tournament on September 9. I spent Friday evening prepping my four rods with the best baits possible for this time of year. I was confident my partner, Roy King, […]


King of the Box Office

By Josh Simpkins / September 19, 2017

By Josh Simpkins Special to the Sun So, the Warner Bros./New Line 2017 remake of the 1990 miniseries Stephen King’s IT, based on King’s terrifyingly gripping novel of the same name, is a huge success. IT came crashing in to cinemas on the first weekend in September like a nitrous fueled carny ride, shattering the […]


The Reel Cinemaniac: SOMBER FAST 5

By Josh Simpkins / September 19, 2017

By Josh Simpkins / The Reel Cinemaniac As you may or may not recall, friends and neighbors, sometimes when I’m in search of a news worthy story to report, I find myself enamored with multiple small, surprising news bytes that just stick with me. These little tales that can be summed up in the span […]


Letters to the Editor: Thank you!

By Kern Valley Sun / September 19, 2017

Thank you! Dear Editor, Keepers of the Kern would like to offer a very big thank you to the family of Mike Mendoza for their most generous gift to us by offering friends and family the opportunity to donate to Keepers in memory of Mike. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously. We don’t […]


Writing Out Loud: Disgusting!

By George Stahl / September 19, 2017

By George Stahl Bugs! OMG, it’s a bug. “The biggest, ugliest, yuckiest bug I have ever seen!” Most of us have bellowed that out when we’ve come into contact with one of these horrific, super disgusting little creatures of the night. They creep around in the darkness, scavenging for whatever they may find that is […]

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