Camping during Memorial Day Weekend

Photo courtesy of USDA Forest Service

By Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Everyone is wondering if campsites will be open on Memorial Day Weekend. Since people like to camp and spend the weekend out on the lake, Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Ranger District took into deliberation the actions they will take during this time.

On Saturday, May 16, Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Ranger District opened Auxiliary, Old Isabella and South Fork for visitors to use. On May 22, they hope to have Paradise, Headquarters, Camp 3 and Limestone open.

Those four sites are managed by CLM. The other is adding Camp 9 as a destination once it passes water tests. There is high probability this will happen.

For those heading out to the lake over the weekend, please be kind to the environment. Pick up your trash and be respectful to those around you. Social distancing is still required to keep the community safe.

Be respectful of store employees when shopping and be patient due to wait time in lines. In order for the community to be able to open back up eventually, guidelines and safety protocols need to be followed.

Be safe and have a great Memorial Day weekend!