Burroughs receives $15K

Press Release
City of Ridgecrest

On Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 6 p.m., the Ridgecrest City Council will present a proclamation honoring the Sherman E. Burroughs High School football team, along with a contribution of $15,000. The money comes from several community members who donated after being touched by the team’s display.

“I think this is a time for us to honor the young men and women at Burroughs High School, especially the Burros football team and their coaches, for reminding us that their display at homecoming is patriotic,” said Mayor Peggy Breeden. “We want to thank them for reminding us that it’s not about politics or just winning games; it’s about the patriotism in our community and the respect we show our troops.”

On Friday, Oct. 22, 2017, the Burroughs High School football team took the field carrying American flags as part of their homecoming ceremony as “God Bless the USA” played in the background. The team stood in solidarity as the National Anthem played and as military jets from Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake flew above as part of the ceremony.

The pride shown as football players carried out the flag reflected the team’s motto: “One team, one town.”

A Ridgecrest woman, Tina Marie Haugen, captured the moment on film and shared it on social media. The scene has made a splash across the nation, airing on national news shows like Good Morning America, Today and Fox News. Regional media, like Bakersfield’s 23 ABC News, has interviewed Coach Todd Mather and highlighted the team.

Haugen’s video clip to date has garnered more than 7.2 million views on Facebook, and the Burros football team has received letters from around the nation expressing pride in the patriotism shown.

Ridgecrest, while a small city at just under 28,000 people, is home to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, the U.S. Navy’s largest land holding.